Dyna-Mac is headquartered and has two fabrication yards in Singapore (Main Yard and West Yard), the combined yard area covers over 140,000 square metres and have a combined annual capacity of 25,000 MT (structure & piping).

Dyna-Mac’s Main Yard at 31, 33, 45 & 59 Gul Road Singapore, has a ground load-bearing capacity of 50 metric tons per square metre with a waterfront shoreline of over 300 metres and water depths of up to 7.8 metres at datum.

Dyna-Mac’s West Yard at 13 Pandan Crescent Singapore, has a waterfront shoreline of 100 metres and water depths of up to 6 metres at datum. It also houses the exotic material piping workshop where duplex welding works are being carried out in a highly automated and strict climate-controlled environment.

Further, Dyna-Mac has expanded its global operations through strategic joint ventures and collaborations with other overseas yards in Malaysia, Philippines, China, Brazil and other Countries.

Singapore (Main Yard)

Singapore (Main Yard)

31, 33, 45 & 59 Gul Road
Yard Layout Details
Total Land Area 110,300 sqm
Fabrication & Assembly Area (Open) 53,968 sqm
Covered Workshop 20,825 sqm
Covered Air-conditioned Store 294 sqm
Covered/Open Storage Area 13,964 sqm
Office & Others 21,249 sqm
Ground Bearing Force 50 mt/sqm
Water Depth 7.8 m (at datum)
Wharf Length 300m
Max. Load-out Capacity 27,000 mt
Singapore (West Yard)

Singapore (West Yard)

13 Pandan Crescent
Yard Layout Details
Total Land Area 30,100 sqm
Fabrication & Assembly Area (Open) 16,400 sqm
Covered Workshop 5,300 sqm
Covered Air-conditioned Store 1,181 sqm
Covered/Open Storage Area 1,686 sqm
Office & Others 6,714 sqm
Water Dept 4m – 6m at datum
Wharf Length 97.8m
Load-out Jetty Area 1,380 sqm
DM CMHI Heavy Industry (Jiangsu)

DM CMHI Heavy Industry (Jiangsu)

Haimen City, Jiangsu
Yard Layout Details
Total Land Area 1,360,000 sqm
Fabrication & Assembly Area (Open) 77,000 sqm
Covered Workshop 30,000 sqm
Covered/Open Storage Area 27,107 sqm
Ground Bearing Force 30 mt/sqm
Water Depth 12m at datum
Waterfront Length 2,500 m
Max. Load-out Capacity 7,000 mt
Max. Module Fab’ Capacity 50,000 mt/yr