As the industry evolves, we aim to stay ahead by harnessing our facilities and diverse strengths. We are capable of delivering an end-to-end EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) supply chain on Lump Sum turnkey basis. We are also venturing into new areas like LNG (liquefied natural gas) modules and renewable energy. By diversifying our core capabilities, Dyna-Mac is poised to move up the value chain and meet the changing demands of industry.


To fortify our strategic presence, we actively partner with leading institutes and specialists abroad, as well as with world engineering leaders in executing large EPC projects in both local and international markets. These deep partnerships enable Dyna-Mac to expand our operations to stay closer to our clients and project locations, develop new capabilities as well as training opportunities while expanding our production capacity to undertake large and complex projects.


Dyna-Mac has made solid achievements in productivity over the years through infrastructure enhancements, innovation and training. To further enhance efficiency, product quality and reduce reliance on manual labour, we strive to leverage automation in our fabrication process through automated CNC beam-cutting and edge-rounding machines, as well as a semiautomatic production line for pipe fabrication and beam fabrication of various sizes.


Some of the key services we offer include:

  • Module Fabrication & Assembly
  • External and Internal Turret Mooring System Fabrication and Assembly
  • Lump Sum Turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
  • Project and Construction Management Services
  • Global procurement services through an extensive network of reliable vendors and suppliers supported by Dyna-Mac’s proven procurement systems, tools and procedures.
  • Exotic Material Welding, including duplex and super duplex stainless pipe spools.
  • Specialized Construction (Hulls, Subsea Products, etc.)