A visionary and an entrepreneur, Mr Desmond Lim, our late Founder and Executive Chairman/CEO had been most supportive and instrumental in steering Dyna-Mac’s growth and expansion.

From a humble beginning, starting as a mechanic in a fabrication workshop in 1991, Mr Lim successfully grew the company, from a fabrication workshop to a public listed company in 2011, specialising in modules fabrication and a major EPC contractor for topside modules for the oil and gas industry.

A hands-on boss, Mr Lim spearheaded Dyna-Mac’s robust project execution systems, tools and processes that enabled the company to successfully deliver safely and timely more than 300 modules to major international and national contractors and oil companies, spanning more than 30 countries.

A strong believer in teamwork and in “leaving no man behind”, Mr Lim had touched all of our lives in Dyna-Mac in his own unique ways. He found the intrinsic value in making people safe and happy. That value has permeated the culture of the workplace. Whether it be towards his clients, sub-contractors, vendors, workers or staff, the desire to give back to those around him was core to everything Mr Lim did. His wisdom, hard work, generosity and kindness had shaped Dyna-Mac’s work ethos and culture and brought Dyna-Mac to what it is today.

It is through hard work, wisdom, commitment and humility that Mr Lim had built Dyna-Mac, and it is upon these principles that Dyna-Mac continues to grow.

Mr Lim will be missed dearly but his legacy lives on through Dyna-Mac.