Stakeholders Engagement

Dyna-Mac constantly strives to create value for all our stakeholders. Regular engagement is critical for us to understand their needs and key concerns so that we can work towards addressing them.

Effective stakeholders’ engagement is critical to ensuring Dyna-Mac’s continued success as it allows us to be responsive to their evolving needs. We interact with them regularly.

Our stakeholders are:

  • Employment
  • Customers
  • Investors
  • Vendors
  • Communities
  • Government and Regulators

Materiality Assessment

Prioritising sustainability topics is a critical process for us as it sets out the areas that we must focus on as an organisation. It also enables us to systematically report on matters that impact Dyna-Mac and its stakeholders most. To do that, our Sustainability Steering Committee embarked on a formalised Materiality Assessment process.

The materiality principle applied in this Sustainability Report is based on an internal materiality review – to review the significant sustainability topics that impact our business activities and its external stakeholders.