Our employees and workers are the heart of our business operations. We recruit and reward our people on a meritocratic basis and advocate an inclusive workplace built on mutual respect and trust.

We believe that building a diverse and inclusive work environment is increasingly important to boost the morale and productivity of our employees. We value our employees and are committed to human resource policies that help us attract, retain and grow talent.  Equality and meritocracy are the values that impact employee satisfaction and retention, and ultimately achieving sustained value creation for our stakeholders.

We have put in place systems and practices that are fair, merit-based and non-discriminatory to attract, reward and retain our employees. The Group is also a signatory of the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP), pledging to adopt fair and progressive human resource practices and providing a harmonious and inclusive work environment for our diverse workforce, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age and gender. Our employee retention strategy focuses on training, career development and employee engagement. We also have a grievances mechanism in place for employees to report incidences without fear of reprisal, discrimination of other consequences.

To affirm our philosophy and commitment, we have adopted the following TAFEP Tripartite Standards:

Employment of Term Contract Employees

The Group complies with all statutory benefits under the Employment Act and the Child Development Co-Savings Act, in particular leave benefits and termination / non-renewal of contract specifications.

Flexi Work Arrangements

We support part-time employment and have revised to shorten work week for some of the support functions employees (from 5.5 days to 5 days). We will review and explore more flexible working patterns to support our operations and yet not lose out on our competitiveness and productivity.

Grievances Handling

A grievances procedure is in place as a mean for employees to exercise their rights. Employees can bring to the attention of supervisors and management any potential issues that they face.

Recruitment Practices

The Group believes in fair employment practices and great emphasis is placed on people.

We progressively review and implement employment practices to be in line with the key principles of fair employment and employees are evaluated based on qualification, experience and aptitude for the position.